With a wide range of sizes and shapes, a steel wall, vinyl-lined swimming pool is a great option for your family.

A Columbia Pool & Spa steel wall, vinyl-lined pool carries the performance and quality to provide great value for your backyard investment. The pool structure is created via steel panels, with a clean gravel back fill. The floor of the pool is created using Pool Krete, a mix of exfoliated vermiculite, portland cement and special additives. The vinyl-liner creates the interior surface of the pool, and comes in a variety of patterns. While liners will need regular replacement, typically every 8-14 years depending on site conditions and maintenance, this also gives the homeowner the ability to shift the look and feel of the pool should they desire, and give the overall pool aesthetic a “face-lift.”

While the maintenance difference between other styles of pools is often over-played, for being based on the interior finish alone, with a Columbia Pool & Spa vinyl-lined pool, you will enjoy all the elements that contribute to a clean maintenance-friendly pool. Sundecks and deep-ends are a great way to add dimension to these classic pools. This is a pool style well suited for those who want to balance the price of great upgrades, such as an automatic pool cover, in a lower total-project budget.


Why Vinyl-lined?

  • Opportunities to refresh interior look

  • Necessity of lower pool price in total-project budget

  • Can accommodate any size

  • Ability to integrate add-on features