Gunite: also known as shotcrete, is a concrete applied through a pressure hose, producing a hard surface that is stronger than the foundation of your home, and used to craft custom pool walls.

We build completely customized inground pools at Columbia Pool and Spa. A gunite pool's construction process gives you, our designers, and construction crew the ultimate level of control throughout the design and build process. Gunite pools are finished with a plaster material, known around the world by the brand name PebbleTec, allowing you to further customize the color-tone and feel of your pool. Columbia Pool & Spa is a Pebble Technology International, Certified Pool Builder.

While the maintenance difference between other styles of pools is often over-played, for being based on the interior finish alone, with a Columbia Pool & Spa gunite pool, you will enjoy all the elements that contribute to a clean maintenance-friendly pool. Naturally, you can go as luxurious as you want with your custom inground swimming pool! You might want to add features such as an attached hot tub, sun-deck, swim-up bar, tables, benches, waterfalls, laminar jets, automation with smart phone control.



Why Custom Gunite?

  • Built to any size, shape, or depth to be one-of-a-kind
  • They allow for creative additions
  • A huge selection of finishes
  • Greatest flexibility and control when building a pool
  • Built to last with the strongest pool wall