Inground pools provide years of beauty and enjoyment for home owners, as well as increase a home's value.


Your inground pool will give you convenient access to a great exercise environments. Inground pools are an easy focal point for backyard entertaining, and a destination for relaxing and releasing daily stress.

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custom gunite


  • Built to any size, shape, or depth to be one-of-a-kind
  • They allow for creative additions
  • A huge selection of finishes
  • Greatest flexibility and control when building a pool
  • Built to last with the strongest pool wall

Fiberglass Pool


  • Interior that is sleek and smooth
  • Pre-set shapes and sizes streamline design process and installation
  • No long-term cost of interior finish replacement
  • Durable construction that is long-lasting

vinyl-lined pools


  • Opportunities to refresh interior look
  • Necessity of lower pool price in total-project budget
  • Can accommodate any size
  • Ability to integrate add-on features



  • A pool offers a variety of benefits that can be enjoyed by being a customer or member of your organization and add to your value
  • Columbia Pool & Spa commercial pools willprovide a great marketing opportunity to promote your business or organization



  • Replacing a new pool surface
  • Replacing a new coping perimeter
  • Repair failed underground plumbing
  • Pool expansions for those who desire more pool and have the space
  • Equipment upgrades

We are often asked, "which type of pool is the easiest to maintain?"...

The primary elements of a clean, easy-to-maintain pool, are circulation, filtration, and sanitation.

While some information suggests the pool surface may be a primary factor for different levels of maintenance, we understand that an easy to maintain pool is a result of proper construction, rather than interior-finish type. The primary elements of a clean, easy-to-maintain pool, are circulation, filtration, and sanitation. We achieve the best circulation via an adequate number of wall skimmers and floor drains, where water flows to your filter, and an adequate number of returns, where water flows into your pool. Additionally, we use properly sized, quality cartridge-filtration systems to remove fine particles of debris from the water. Finally we carry options for most effectively sanitizing your water while utilizing the least amount of materials necessary. Such as UV-C light system with a fusion-system of minerals and chlorine, or a chlorine-free system.